EU to Give Gambia 68 Million Euros

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
As Charge d’Affaires Ends Tour of Duty

The Charge d’ Affaires of the Delegation of the European Commission in The Gambia, His Excellency Thierry Mathisse, on Friday bade farewell to The Gambia as he ended a four-year tour of duty.

After the reception hosted in his honour, Mr Mathisse disclosed that plans are underway for the European Union to provide a minimum of 68 million euros to the Gambia government.

He said: “ As of January 2008, The Gambia will start benefiting from the Ten European Development Fund for the EDF, the minimum fund allocation to The Gambia will be around 68 million euros. We are presently discussing with the Gambia government on this programme.”

According to him, the funds will mainly focus on transport and infrastructure and good governance.

Mr Mathisse expressed satisfaction with the governance system in the country, adding that there is still room for improvement. “ Things are going in the right direction and I can only praise the IEC and the authorities of the Gambia for the successful organisation of the last presidential election. As everywhere in the world there are still rooms for improvement.”
Author: By Alhagie Mbye
Source: The Point
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