Is online relationship possible?

Friday, March 23, 2007
Well a lot of people have doubts about themselves whether or not is online relationship possible.. The thing is when you care/like that person, you really have to care. Then the distance doesn’t matter anymore. As long as you have that inside you, you can be happy. Well in a melancholic kind of way.

Even if you can’t be with each other the whole time you still will wait for him coz you know you are just the right for each other. Surviving the wait is just worth everything than is to most of the normal relationships.

Like most people say, there’s always heartbreaks in every relationship but it’s always beautiful before the end. That’s how I put it. There’s light in the dark tunnel. It’s just waiting for you to discover it. So if you have met someone online that you truly think you have fallen in love with, never let it go. Listen and follow your heart.

For my case, I have met several people who I thought I have fallen head over heels over the internet. But most of them never worked out anyways, either something good or bad happen in my life, the bad thing will happen. So I was like ' what the heck, I warn myself not to fall in love thru the net again' but then history repeats itself, I met this guy on yahoo chat for about a year now and my feelings for him are still going strong. I guess everyone is special in their very own ways, even if this relationship is not going to work out between me and him; I’m not getting my hopes high too much. I mean I’m not expecting anything to come out from it. I just hope the online attraction can spill over to the in person attraction.
There’s always something to come down to the talking online and having to talk face to face. Either ways, those are not top priorities of what true love is, but anything can go wrong in between. But I believe if I found something really beautiful inside within, I will want it to stay, but no good things or beauty last long, is that true? And I really like this guy, I kind of love him too and he loves me. It’s so hard to find a mutual feeling he loves me and I love him it has to be a two way thing. So I really would want this to last forever. Would be nice if it actually does though, been through the worst times and the bad times, seen it all in his most unattractive ways still I think he is the most attractive person I’ve ever known.
Author: by ally