Fuel Shortage - A Cause for Concern

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Much has been written and said about the recent rise in the price of petroleum fuel which has, for the past few days, resulted in commuters facing the terrible conditions especially during rush hours.

Recently the Government of The Gambia announced the increase in the pump prices of Super Petrol, Gas Oil and Kerosene.

According to the government’s news release, the prices have been as follows: Super Petrol from D30.00 to D33.00 per litre; Gas Oil from D28.00 to D32.00 per litre and Kerosene from D21.00 to D26.00.

Drivers, and likewise commuters, have been expressing genuine concerns about the situation. Petrol stations in and around Banjul were on Tuesdayoverwhelmed by a flow of commercial as well as private vehicles owing to an apparent fuel shortage in the country. It is believed however that the situation will be solved by this week-end.

Whatever the case, government should be seen to be acting in a speedy manner to take urgent action to remedy the situation which is no doubt getting out of hand.

We have seen in recent times increases in the price of basic commodities like rice and others in the country and with this latest increase in petroleum fuel, government should definitely help to put a lasting end to this terrible situation.

Travelling from Brikama to Banjul will cost some commuters roughly D25. This is in no way favourable to civil servants in this country let alone students. The earning capacity of most civil servants doesn’t correspond with the rising food prices of commodities in this country as most of them earn meagre sums that cannot even take care of problems at home.

To this end, speedy and urgent actionwill do a great deal in solving this seemingly growing problem in the country.

“He who allows himself to be insulted, deserves to be.”

Pierre Corneille.