Gambia U-13 Register First Defeat

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The young heroes and future of Gambian cricket yesterday faced a narrow defeat by Cameroon, according to reports reaching Pointsport from Ghana.

The Gambia U-13 who have proven beyond reasonable doubt as a side to be watched in the ICC North/West Cricket Championship despite succumbing to Cameroon.

The young cricketers who managed 38 runs whilst the opponents scored 48 runs were said to have been affected by too much over confidence according to team coach Wilfred Riley.

“The boys were so much confident and lost all their focus on the game. They were more careful and calmer during their previous two matches.”

The team will play their final game against Ghana today and according to Johnny Gomez, President of the Gambia Cricket Association, the team has to win today so that they can stand a chance of winning the championship after a run rate is made between the first two teams that record the highest points in the competition.

Earlier, the Gambia U-13 thrashed Sierra Leone by 30 runs and 4 wickets and went ahead to beat Nigeria after scoring 133 runs in 18 overs.

Author: Sainabou Kujabi