Bravo Gpf

Friday, April 4, 2008

Please allow me a space in your widely read news paper to express my sincere appreciation for the efforts of the Gambia Police Force in the community.

Firstly i would like to thank, Benedict Jammeh the Inspector General of Police. Since he took over the affairs of GPF, there has been a numerous transformation ranging from the various unit under his office.

The crime rate has dropped tremendously, compare to those days.

Under his leadership Sir, the deployment and operations of these young gallant men of the police Intervention Unit in all the administrative regions across the country has decrease the complains and theft report cases to the charge units of the Gambia Police Force.

Sir, the simultaneous complains which used to be in the Police stations has also become the thing of the past.

However, i would not do justice, if i did not pay tribute to the Gambian leader President Dr Alhagie Yahya Jammeh who is the brain behind all the development. Whose revolutionary leadership style in just thirteen years of ruling transformed the Gambia in to a city state, i think he worth more than emulation.

Editor, as am writing to you right now from Basse one of the Gambia’s busies entry point for the Casamance, Bissau and Conakry travellers, the theft and other criminal report cases has dropped immensely.

By Haruna Jallow

Basse Mansajang

Author: DO