Introducing Silver Youth - another rising star

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Momodou Sanu Jallow, alias Silver Youth, is another budding Gambian reggae singer in The Gambia and has built name for himself in his home town Brikama (Sateba).
Born and brought up in Brikama, Silver Youth attended Brikama Primary School and the Muslim Senior Secondary School where he graduated.
According to website, the young reggae star was attracted into music at a very tender age and discovered his talents as buried in hip hop music.
Later on, Silver Youth was anointed into a reggae convert, after his contact with Natty Ala, another Gambian reggae singer. It was easy for him to adapt since he has always been a reggae admirer and gathered experience in hip hop.

His exploration in reggae was launched in motion in 1994, when he appeared on stage and his recordings won the hearts of reggae lovers in Brikama and its environs.
He then formally released his first single: Everlasting Life in 1990s. In 1995, the young reggae singer came into contact with Lamin Dahaba, alias Rock Base, who was the promoter of one of The Gambia’s finest reggae prodigies, Rebellion D’recaller.
Dahaba made attempts to persuade him to join a crew called ‘The inspired Ones’ of which Rebellion and other solo artists in Brikama were members.
Members are at liberty to produce solo singles, but sometimes they record joint singles. The crew, renown for perfecting the talents of the youngsters, still exists and remains active in the music arena.

Between 1996 and 1999, Silver Youth released two more singles: The world of Confusion and Judgement, which elevated his statues and juxtaposed stepping-stones for his trade. He then came into contact with prominent DJs in the country.

After completing his high school, Silver Youth decided to concentrate on developing his refining talents in country’s reggae industry. The Sateba sensation later on dropped in two other singles: Haven Above and The Truth for Right. This singles captured diverse attention of the audience and laid solid foundation that catapulted his popularity beyond the frontiers of urban towns. This became more pronounced during a country wide tour with other big artists like Njie B.

Following a successful music tour, Good and Evils Deeds, another new single emerged out from a local studio. This release, which dominated the airwaves, cemented his growing popularity.
Silver Youth’s dramatic fame and ascension in music has been amazing. He was later introduced to a Senegalese cultural artist, Ali Baba who is based in Germany. Ali Baba, who was thrilled by Silver Youth’s singles promoted his music in the southern Senegalese city of Ziguinchor, and later invited him to a three-day music festival in Ziguinchor. His adventure in Ziguinchor was a big success as he drove reggae fans through a frenzied atmosphere.

Silver Youth, who was surprised with the reception accorded to his lyrics, was invited to numerous local radio stations by different local DJs and music promoters in the area. His contact with Ali grew stronger and he became an occasional visitor to the city.
Silver Youth is one of the featured artists in the recently released album of Njie B.
Another spectacular single, Ice Gold and Green, is also released and is now floating on the airwaves. Silver Youth, who studied computer hardware maintenance and graphic design, is determined to release a debut album.


Author: Written by Sheriff Janko
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper