Jeddah Cluster on tree planting exercise

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Seven schools under the Jeddah Cluster recently concluded a day’s tree planting exercise at Kuloro Lower Basic School under the auspices of the Jeddah Cluster management committee.

The Cluster consists of Jeddah LBS, Mandaur LBS, Penyem Upper Basic School, Busura LBS, Jiboroh LBS, Basori LBS, and Kuloro LBS. The planting also attracted the communities of Manduar, Penyem, Busura, Basori, Jiboroh, Madinaba, Kuloro and environs.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Jawneh, the clustor monitor of the area said that the exercise was impressive with a very positive turn out. He thanked the regional directorate for supporting the cluster. He also thanked the PTA’s, teachers and head teachers for their cooperation in planting 5000 gmelina seedlings.

Mrs Matty Boye, the director of Regional Education Directorate II attended the exercise.

Author: by Mr Jawneh