Water shortage hits Kuntaur

Monday, August 27, 2007

Kuntaur, Central River Region, which is one of the villages known for its rice production has been hit by a serious water shortage for two weeks.

Our reporter who is on a campaign tour in the area, was told by some residents of Kuntaur that it’s two weeks now since they could not have access to clean water.

Lamin Dahaba, a resident told the Daily Observer that the solar system that operates the water tank which has been supplying the village over the years, had a problem which resulted in difficulty in pumping water from the well to the tank. He added that efforts are being made to immediately address the issue, and then revealed that “though some can go to the neighbouring village of Wassu to access clean water, not everybody can do so”.

Kumba Baldeh, who could not hide her dismay at the appalling situation revealed that for the past two weeks, they find it difficult to do their domestic work, due to the lack of clean water in the village.

She added, “Looking at the location of the village and its population of about a thousand people, if we should continue fetching water from Wassu, it will result to a cholera outbreak in the area which may probably affect not only Kuntaur, but its catchment areas as well,” she said.

Numo Jaiteh also echoed similar sentiment and called on the government and donor agencies to come to their aid in the maintenance of the borehole.

Author: Written by Musa Ndow in CRR
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper