About Gambia News.

There are currently 2 major Gambia newspapers operating in the country: The Daily Observer (the largest selling) and The Point, an independent paper. The Independent has been shut down and is no longer operating. Foroyaa is a local and independent newspaper that prints and distributes in the Gambia.

The government-owned TV station GRTS is broadcasting Gambia news daily in English and local languages.

There is a government-owned radio station Radio Gambia that delivers news and programmes over the air as well as some private stations.

Several websites display Gambia news on the internet, WOW - Gambia News Gateway , The Point, The Observer, AllAfrica, and others.

Foreign newspapers, magazines, radio programs, and television broadcasts are mostly permitted and distributed in the Gambia. Local stations sometimes rebroadcast the British Broadcasting Corporation, Radio France Internationale, and other foreign news reports. Senegalese television and radio are available in many parts of the country.