Taxis and Local transport in the Gambia

Taxi roads in the gambia can be confusing. Shared Taxis run predetermined routes from one place to another. You can join a shared taxi at any point along its route or get on at one of the Taxi garages.
Shared taxis are usually Yellow taxi's or small buses (minivans). To stop a taxi in route just wave it down and hop in. There will usually be other passengers in the car and the taxi (or bus) will stop and start as people want to get on or off. You may get off at any time just tell the driver or his assistant (apprentie) to stop.

Sometimes a driver may ask you if you would like a "Town Trip". He is asking if you would like to hire the Taxi for exclusive use. If you accept he will take you directly to your destination without stopping. You will have to discuss the price.

Shared taxi fares are fixed. To see detail descriptions of the Taxi routes and fares see below.

Garage Directions and Taxi Fares

From To Price Garage Location
Serrekunda Banjul 6 Dalasis In serrekunda the Banjul garage is located behind the Serrekunda market and you can also pick a taxi bus from Co-operative at WestField.
In Banjul the Serrekunda garage is located at Mosque Road off Independence Drive.
Bakau Banjul 6 Dalasis The Banjul garage in Bakau is located near the Bakau craft market.
In Banjul the Bakau garage is at Independance Drive opposite the Shell petrol station.
Serrekunda Bakau 5 Dalasis In Bakau the serrekunda garage is located near the craft market .
In Serrekunda the bakau garage is located at Dippa Kunda "musu kebba drammeh" junction.
Serrekunda Kololi, Senegambia 5 Dalasis The Senegambia garage in Serrekunda is located at Dippa Kunda behind the AisaMarie Cinema .
In Sengambia the Serrekunda garage is located at Kerr Sering but you can pick a taxi at the Senegambia Junction
Serrekunda Bijilo, Brufut, Tanji, Gunjur, Sanyang Bijilo: 5 D
Brufut: 10 D
Gunjur: 15 D
At Tippa garage is where you can find taxi buses to Bijilo, Brufut, Tanji, Sanyang, Gunjur.
Serrekunda Tabo Koto, Lamin, Brikama Lamin: 5 D
Brikama: 10 D
The Brikama garage is located at Serrekunda Mosque Road from there you can find taxi's to take you up to brikama.
Shell Senegambia 5 Dalasis You can wave the Yellow Taxi's between Shell and senegambia or join them from their garages , opposite the shell or at senegambia junction.
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