To Raise the Economy of Angola

Monday, October 29, 2007

The present situation in Angola gives a lot of opportunities to solve the difficulties in the country. The main way out which can be found is using some new oil field, there is a window for the government to use the additional bonus to make the adjustments which are needed to get out of the circle mortgaging rising amounts of current manufacturing for future debt service. The overvalued exchange rate worsened in those areas which produce export products.

To raise the economy of the country it is necessary to use those areas of production which were not yet used. It means that except oil industry the country needs something else. The hardest hit area in Angola is agriculture together with connected handing out and transforming industries. It is historically developed, that Angola has always been the agricultural country and the biggest part of labor forces was concentrated in the fields.

This means that from the point of view of both poverty and equal opportunity, there is influential case that can minimize overvaluation to stay away from the penalizing of agricultural area. Another good idea is the rehabilitation of the transport system of the country, as well as investments in research and extension of agriculture.

The government should pay much attention to many other areas of industries, which can be profitable and use all possible chances to increase the economy of the country, which was in full decrease after the post-war period.

Investment in human capital is one more area high returns can be made. In addition, there are a lot of factors that complicate the development of industry on the proper level: it is lack of public services such as water and sanitation, electricity and other services. All these factors are grave restrictions to industrial investment and treatment, which are so necessary in such situation.

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Author: by Andrew Schwartz