Top 10 Ways To Guarantee Marketing Suicide On MySpace

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More and more marketers are beginning to use social networking sites such as MySpace as one of their advertising pillars. The only problem is the 90% of these people don't have a clue how to effectively market using these sites. If done right Myspace can be a wonderful way to grow your business. If you have no clue what you're doing, it's a great way to commit marketing suicide. Here are the top 10 ways to guarantee your failure on MySpace.

1.) Not taking the time to set your page up so that it is easy to read and is appealing to your visitors. If your page is not easy to read no one will take the time to read it. Hint: Paragraphs People.

2.) Putting a picture of anything but yourself as your profile picture Please don't put a picture of your product or a logo of your company as your main picture. People want to put a face to the name, they don't care what your product to company logo looks like. If you don't offer that face, they will go to someone who does.

3.) Choosing a boring picture of yourself as your main picture. What is the first thing your visitor is going to see before they even make the decision to view your profile? Your picture must speak for you and compel them to click on it to find out more about you.

4.) Using your about me section to talk about anything other than yourself. Just remember that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

5.) Branding your Company instead of yourself. Remember, people only join and buy from people that they know, like and trust. They are looking for a way to relate to you.

6.) Having only one thing to offer your visitor, especially if that one thing is a business opportunity. Most people are already in a program and aren't looking to join another one. If your still barking your MLM to the world you heading for the biggest dead end you've ever seen.

7.Thinking that you don't need to build a relationship with the people on your friends list before you decide to pitch them your program or product. They will say no every time. How many people have you had say yes? Be honest.

8.) Posting money making opportunity bulletins that talk about how much money they can make by joining your opportunity and expecting them to actually get read. If you're not offering valuable content that informs and educates your prospect, and all your doing is pitching your program, they have no reason to read your bulletins. Once again, most people are not looking to quit their program and join yours.

9.Using company generated emails to send out to your friends list. Everyone has already gotten that same email at least twice from the other people who think that those emails work.

10.) Not taking the time to learn the communications skills that are needed to successfully use MySpace as a marketing tool. The only thing that stands between you and everything you want is your ability to communicate and to influence other people. The keyword here is content.

You can have the prettiest MySpace page, the biggest friends list, all the fancy tools, but if you can't communicate, you have no content (relevant content) and you don't have the right Mindset, all bets are off.

Rebecca J Johnson is a business consultant and content provider, specializing in Branding, List Building, Communication, and Mind-set. Protege to one of the industry legends, Joe Schroeder.To learn more and pick up her free 10 page report "Secret Weapon of Digital Royalty and Internet Lords" visit

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