How To Cure A Yeast Infection

Friday, March 7, 2008

Do you find yourself with a white tongue and suffer from a feminine itch? You may have a yeast infection and be calling it something else instead. Were you recently on an antibiotic for a respiratory infection or another health issue? Often people mistake a yeast infection for something else and do not properly diagnose their health.

Additionally if one uses steroids or certain birth control pills, a yeast infection may occur. Wearing damp clothing such as a bathing suit or workout clothing can help a yeast infection breed. Tight clothing or pants can also create problems as can wearing nylon pantyhose. It is best to wear cotton underwear and get out of swimsuits immediately into dry clothing. In hot weather, just change into a t-shirt and shorts with cotton underwear after swimming rather than remain in a wet bathing suit.

There are lots of remedies listed for yeast infections but some are not safe. It is important to use wisdom and common sense as you can hurt yourself using boric acid or anything acidic in the wrong concentration. Remember you are dealing with sensitive tissue when you have a yeast infection.

Jarvis and others speak of apple cider vinegar as a nice folk home remedy for yeast infections. The proportion of apple cider vinegar to water is important as it can burn your skin and hurt the tissue. Do not just use home remedies without research however organic they may sound. This is an issue with boric acid as well.

Have you seen that some of the home remedies for yeast infection mention the use of yogurt. This is because the yogurt products due to being probiotics can replace destroyed bacteria from antibiotics and other medications. Be sure there aren't additives in the yogurt however. If you are using yogurts that have sugar, you will be creating another breeding ground for bacteria.

We're a culture that likes the quick fix, but constant vigilance is necessary to prevent a yeast infection from taking over again. It needs to be a way of life and not just a temporary bandaid. Drinking buttermilk can be a tool to keep the body on the right track. Having a well thought out system and plan rather than haphazardly trying different supplements is the best way to both prevent and cure a yeast infection.

You can find liquid or pill supplements of acidopholous or bifidus in the local health food stores. These are often in the refrigerator department due to the bacteria needing this. This can be a regular supplement to keep the body maintenance. There are some probiotics that do not need to be refrigerated but on the whole , the ones with the highest count do and these are excellent to restore your body's ph and create the right internal environment.

Your body needs to have it's ph balanced properly and this will help keep things even for you. Keep a regular routine so that you don't get recurring yeast infections and remember that this takes discipline and a system. You will get new energy again and it is worth the small dietary sacrifices.

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