No Nude Scenes for Mary J. Blige

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Mary J. Blige is keen to expand her acting career after playing a cheerleader coach in an upcoming episode of TV hit Ghost Whisperer, but she refuses to take her clothes off.
The hitmaker insists her acting endeavors will all be wholesome affairs because she has too much love and respect for her husband to even kiss another man on screen.

And she wouldn't even consider getting naked for a sexy role. She says, "I'm weird when it comes to nudity... I love my husband too much to be kissing another man or having another man in between my legs in a sex scene. I can't do it."

And she hopes her pure message channels down to her young R&B peers, because she's sick of seeing half-dressed sex objects hitting the charts. She tells urban magazine Sister 2 Sister, "Right now the in thing seems to be who can get the naked-est.
You can be sexy with all your clothes on and just have nice cleavage. You can be sexy in a turtleneck shirt on and showing your abs if you want to, and a nice pair of pants that cover up your butt crack."
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