Women’s Participation in Sports

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Promotion of women’s participation in sports competition or sports-for-all, has become a social force with major impact on the structures of society and conditions of women.

Sports belong to all human beings. It is important both for women and men as sports provide opportunities to learn to experience success, teamwork and moments of excellence. Women are still under represented in The Gambia. Why is it so? Because cultural norms and traditions limit their advancement.

However, with the new challenges to be faced by our Head of Sports Department, Ms Sainabou Kujabi, who has been appointed as the first female to head a sport desk in the country. However, we would like to see more and more women choosing to take up or participate in the development of sports to either break the norms of our society or stay within them.

So therefore, I would seize this opportunity to commend Mr Pap Saine, Managing Director of Point newspaper for his initiative and vision for this development.

Author: By Ebou Manneh
Source: The Point