Can you please make a change?

Monday, December 3, 2007

I am not writing to condemn but to make an appeal to an organisation that has been in existence for years, but never seems to be ready for a change.

In case you don’t know who I am talking about, it is WAEC and their decreasing growth in technology.

They have been around before I was born, yet since I started sitting to WAEC exams, there have been no changes. And in case you are thinking about those desktop computers used to keep records, don’t mention them. They are unfashionable and outdated.

By this time, they should have been modernised to the extent that students will be able to take exams and check results on time through the net.  And talking about releasing results on time, this is another area in which they have failed.  WAEC candidates wait for almost four months before results are released.

It’s high time things change at WAEC. How will there be progress in society when the examination body that assesses its students is still underdeveloped? We as students are looking forward to a day when one will sit to WAEC exams and they will say check for results in three weeks time just like the SAT. This will help to produce candidates who will be fit for national development and not candidates who will come and serve as script checkers at your office.

Author: Aqua Hackman,
Source: UTG