Ipod Pinpointed as Criminal Tool

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
How can an iPod become a criminal tool?

Well, it looks like it has already happened when one high school student which has yet to be named was charged with felony. The investigators of the mentioned case said that this former student of Clay High School had hacked into the files of the school’s personnel as well as hacked the student files. All of the information that he was able to get his hands on was then downloaded into his iPod.

Of course, that is not quite right. The student, who was a junior, voluntarily withdrew himself from the school and he was also charged with unauthorized use of a computer. The iPod then became a criminal tool because the gadget was used as part of the crime. This is according to a statement given by Detective Janet Zale of the Oregon Police.

One good thing that happened also is that the vital pieces of information that the student had been able to download into his iPod was not shared with anybody else nor was it downloaded to any other electric gadget. This is as per the statement given by John Hall, the superintendent of Oregon City. He adds, "We contained [the information leak] to the school. That’s the good part of this story."

All the mess started for the student when he had gotten into an argument with another teenager in his school. This other student had accused the suspect of cheating. And because of this, the suspect threatened her that he would open up a credit card in her name and would ruin her credit rating. The student told about the incident and an officer of the school started an investigation.

It looked like that very day, another teacher had found the suspect and another student in front of a computer and were looking at the school’s personnel files. When asked, the student said that it was already there when they used the computer. The staff of the school then confiscated the iPod and found the information that was downloaded there.

For whatever purpose the suspect is going to use all those sensitive information remains to be answered. But then again, the answer may just be simple. Perhaps he was just looking for ways to earn money so he can purchase a new iPod or get some cool iPod skins and cases or other new iPod Nano accessories. You never know.
Author: Author: Giovanni Woods
Source: www.articlesbase.com