Tips For Successfully Dating At The Workplace

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
With most of the average person's daily hours spent at work, it is only natural that quite a few romantic relationships have started there. Depending on your company's dating policies this can be a good or bad thing. But even if there isn't a policy, how do other co-workers feel about it? In a LYC weekly poll we asked our users if dating should be allowed in the workplace. An overwhelming response said yes (75%), citing the condition that it doesn't interfere with their work or the workplace.
Out of the 25% who said no, the number one reason why was because of the disharmony in the break ups. With office romances becoming more and more acceptable, where do you draw the line for acceptable and unacceptable workplace dating habits? The following are a few tips and suggestions to keep your (or potential) office romance clean and positive for everyone involved.

1. Make sure your work is getting done and done well. It if shows that your office romance is affecting your work, chances are you may either be asked to end your romance or find another job.

2. Don't date everyone in your office. It isn't a dating pool to select from.

3. Avoid dating someone in a higher or lower position then you. Most rumors start that way and it can also cause problems for you in the future with favoritism issues.

4. Absolutely no public displays of affection (PDA) at work. If you must, take a lunch break together and go somewhere where the chances of running into someone from work are slim.

5. Make sure your relationship will in no way affect your salary or movement within your company.

6. Never, have or bring fights to work. When you start your relationship, make a vow to never bring an argument to work. Deal with it after work hours (not during a lunch break either!).

7. Don't listen to office rumors about your relationship and don't give any reason to start them.

8. Agree in the beginning of the relationship on how you're going to handle a potential break up. Avoid, at any cost, a messy break up. It isn't just you and your partner that are involved, it's your entire office and the future of that company's dating policy.

The chances of workplace romances turning into long-time love affairs are quite high. Over 30% of the respondents to the weekly poll question were either married or still dating someone they met at work. While, in another weekly poll question, when we asked: 'Where did you meet your romantic partner?' the 4th top response was 'at work'. Just remember to be professional about your relationship at work and relish in the fact you get to spend more time with your partner than the average person! :)
Author: compiled by Dating Editors