Ndey Cham An Emerging Diva

Monday, June 18, 2007

If there is any woman who demystifies the myth that Gambian women are no-doers in the music arena, then it is Ndey Cham, a Banjul-born music super-star in the making.

Ndey, who started music since at a tender age, is an emerging diva endowed with fluid voice and exceptional stage performance. Her lyrics, which are highly danceable, are always loaded with meaningful and factual messages. Ndey’s songs tackle themes such as women empowerment, social vices, health and youth matters. 

Some of the songs she has produced are presently enjoying prime airplay on local radio stations; prominent among them is ‘Bulldem’, released in 2006.

Showing no sing of slowing down, Ndey is striving relentlessly to put finishing touches to her six-track debut album entitled ‘Najl’ which is set to be released later this year. Intermingled with Reggae, RnB, Zouk, Salsa and Mbalax, ‘Njal’ is expected to be a hot and tasty musical meal when it hit the music market.

In a chat with the Gambia’s premiere entertainment writer Alhagie Mbye, Ndey said that she has already completed recording all the songs in the album but she was quick to lament that due to inadequacy of funds she could not release the album.

"I have recorded the six songs since December but due to financial constraints the album could not still hit the market. I am desperately soliciting for help from public-spirited individuals  and music buffs to enable me release the album,"  she said.

According to her, the album is dedicated to the late Alhaji Sankung Sillah, a trend-setting Gambian-born entrepreneur. She said: "I dedicated the album to the late Alhaji Sankung Sillah because he was someone who helped transformed the lives of many Gambians through providing employment opportunities for them. We will never ever forget him in the history of The Gambia; he is a legion and every Gambian is proud of him."

She further revealed that in the album she also pays a glowing tribute to President Jammeh for his continued magnanimity and patronage  to local artists.

She added: "The President is definitely helping Gambian musicians and therefore others should emulate him so that the music industry in the Gambia can grow rapidly. 

"In one of my songs entitled ‘Jigen ni rewmi’, I also hailed the women  who are doing wonders such as the Vice President and other women who are striving towards nation building."


Source: The Point