Gamcel Sets Communication Agenda Says Marketing Manager

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. Almamy Kassama, the Marketing Manager of Gamcel, has described his organisation as a pacesetter in the communication industry.

In an exclusive interview with The Point in his office yesterday, Mr. Kassama shed light on his organisation's latest service, pre-paid roaming, which allows Gamcel's subscribers to make and receive calls while in Senegal.

He said: "Before now, the facility was available to our post-paid customers only. These are customers who use this service under a post-paid basis and need payment at the end of the month."

In agreement with Sonatel in Senegal, he added, Gamcel has extended this service to its pre-paid customers as well, who account for 99% of the customer base.

"While in Senegal you can call locally and internationally. Besides, you can call a local number in Senegal without having to put the international dialing code. All you need do is dial direct and you'll get connected," Mr. Kassama enthused.

He however noted that should one desire to dial a number outside Senegal while in Senegal, one would have to first dial the international dialing code of The Gambia.
According to him, they have noticed some network problems in some parts of the country but they are doing their utmost to solve it.

He assured that the driving goal of Gamcel is to make communication cheap and affordable to every Gambian. "We are a national operator. Therefore, we will serve our people to the best of our ability. We thank The Gambia government for its immense support," he said.
On the network coverage, Mr. Kassama accepted that there are what he called few green areas but that they would do their best to cover it very soon.

On the issue of their tariff, Kassama maintained that they have the lowest tariff in The Gambia and the sub-region, disclosing that they have reduced theirs by 51% since their inception in 2007.

Author: By Habibu Ceesay
Source: The Point