Sunday, July 1, 2007

Open markets - Daily

Janjanbureh Market - Janjanbureh
Barra Market - Barra
Bakau Market - Bakau
Serekunda Market - Serekunda
Albert Market - Banjul
Latrikunda Market - Latrikunda, Brikama Highway
Brikama Market - Brikama
Farafenni Market - Farafenni
Soma Market - Soma
Kaur Market - Kaur
Bansang Market - Bansang
Basse Market - Basse
Brikamaba Market - Brikamaba
Kuntaur Market - Kuntaur
Shell petrol stations have mini-markets.

Luumoo – Weekly Markets

Farafenni Ker Paate
Brikamaba Saare Ngaay
Bureng Kwinella
Kaur Wassu
Jareng Kosemar

You can buy fabric, building materials, food (cooked/raw), petrol, diesel, utensils, furniture, spare parts, tools, cosmetics, etc., in almost all the major towns. Services like tailoring, carpentry, shoe making, car repair, masonry, radio repairs, etc., can also be accessed in the major towns.

Author: by Ebrima Colley
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