Red Dolphin Life Guard Association Saving Lives

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Since its inception in April of 2006, the Red Dolphin Life Guard Association have been making giant strides in rescuing many lives in their areas of operation.

Red Dolphin Life Guard Association has a membership of 20 volunteers and it operates on the beaches of Fajara, Senegambia, Sanyang, Palma Rima and Bijilo in the Tourism Development Area.

The association is involved in sensitizing people on the dangers associated with the beach, preventing and resolving sea-related accidents, supervising the beach, resuscitating victims among other vital roles.

Red Dolphin Life Guard Association’s pivotal role has been recognized and continue to be recognized by hotels and institutions as evident in the number of certificates awarded to the association by these institutions.

In an interview with this paper, the Chairman of the association, Mr. Kebba Kujabi, said his association had saved more than 33 lives including tourists. He revealed that Red Dolphin is striving towards covering the entire TDA from Banjul to Kartong in Western region of The Gambia.

“We also intend to, in the near future, cover ferry crossing points in the country. One of our aims is to provide gainful employment opportunities for youths. We have 20 volunteers but our expansion is hindered by limited resources such as equipment and financial problems.

“This is all the more reason we need the full support of all and sundry to establish a professionally trained and equipped life guard team to make our beaches safe for tourists, children and anybody who likes and enjoys relaxing on the beaches,” Mr. Kujabi added.

He finally called on NGOs, the Government, philanthropists and the public to assist them both materially and financially for effective execution of their duties on our beaches.   

Author: By Ebrima Gillen & Momodou B.O. Bojang
Source: The Point