21 complete IT Course at State Guards Computer Centre

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

At least 21 students recently completed their computer literacy course at the State Guards Computer Training Centre.

They successfully took courses in Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, DOS/Fundamental, Internet and File Management.

Five of the students obtained distinction, eight obtained credits and eight obtained pass mark and there were no fails.

They are the 7th batch of the training programme, which began in February 2002.

According to Corporal Sama, about 412 students drawn from the armed forces, sister services and civil society, have completed the training since its inception about five years ago.

He said, “The knowledge gained in this course must be shared with your friends who have not had the opportunity to undergo the course. As you graduate from this centre, I would advise you to maintain discipline, obedience, trustworthiness, hard work, dedication to duty and above all be citizens with exemplary characters.”

He thanked Quantum Associates for making the training programme a reality. He also thanked the management and staff of Air Tip for their generous support.

For his part, the Managing Director of Quantum Associates, Gibril Jibi Chorr, said his organisation was keen to improve the human capital of the country. “Quantum Associates corporate conviction is that the development of human capital is the foundation of our national development efforts as richly enshrined in Vision 2020 and we are proud to identify ourselves with your venture to modernize the service corps,” he said.

He added that in this 21st century, it is our ICT fitness that counts, not our physical and ability to read and write.

The Quantum Associates boss urged the Armed Forces of the Republic of the Gambia not only to protect the civilians but also to fight against ignorance. “If you win the battle against ignorance, you will be winning a bigger battle for The Gambia than you can ever do on any other battlefield,” he said.

According to the Secretary of State for Communication, Information and Technology, Mrs Neneh Macdouall-Gaye, the training was specific and efficient.

“What impresses me most about this programme, which is specific to the use of computers and basic software application is that you have built your own training capacity for sustainability within your domain, thus saving the government the recurrent cost of hiring instructions to run this programme,” she said.

Three brand new Pentium Internet ready computers were donated to the State Guard Computer Centre.

Author: By Ya Sainey Gaye
Source: The Point