US Democrat, Sky Gallegos, gives more lectures

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ms Sky Gallegos, the deputy chief executive officer (CEO) of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Democratic National Convention, who is also a member of the United States Department of State Speakers Program, on Wednesday, held a series of lectures at the University of The Gambia and the Gambia College.

Madam Gallegos, who was invited to the country by the United States Embassy in Banjul, highlighted the democratic process of elections in the US.  According to Madam Gallegos, one of the most important things about American campaigns and politics is that the candidates must present themselves positively. 

Election perspective

Just three weeks before the US presidential election, daily Gallup polls show Barack Obama widening his lead. According to Madam Gallegos, Ohio, a big battleground for the election, must be won by McCain if he is to win the presidency, but that unfortunately Obama leads Mccain in the polls for that state. 

"McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, however, has given weight to his campaign. It was fantastic in September, with McCain doing better until the US economic crisis," Madam Gallegos narrated.

Author: by Bekai Njie