New Hope for Domain Parking

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Domain parking has had a bit of a bad reputation, and rightfully so. Most parked domains are setup with a domain registrar and they are the ones who end up making most of the income from clicks on your parked pages, that is, if your parked page gets any clicks at all. In truth, the domain registrars are likely only interested in making money from your domain name registration.

I have been intrigued with the domain parking concept however was discouraged until recently with the potential of parking my domains. It is true, almost all parked pages are shunned by the major search engines because they lack any quality content and are simply filled with ads. Simple logic told me that if the search engines are not interested at all with parked pages filled with ads, and this means the chances of people finding my parked pages is slim to none.

Thankfully there is new hope for parking domains with rich content parking systems, for example the one I now use, WhyPark ( These domain parking systems don't just set you up with a page full of ads and forget about you, they provide you with simple tools that let you create rich content websites full of relevant articles that search engines love. This is the most exciting development in domain parking history because it means anyone can create a quality web site containing your own advertisements that you earn all or most of the income from.

This revolution in domain parking opens the doors for anyone interested in creating powerful websites and capitalizing on their income potential.

While it is possible to invest just twenty minutes of your time setting up a domain with one of these rich content parking systems, the more time and effort you invest in promoting your domain, the more traffic your domain will receive in turn increasing your domains earning potential.

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David Doggett is CEO of Cybernetic Media Inc. a web development firm specializing in high impact flash marketing movies. David personally owns over 100 domain names and experiments with domain monetization when he is not creating marketing movies for his clients.

David is also a licensed sport fishing guide in Nova Scotia Canada where he resides with his wife and son.

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Author: by: David Doggett