Gamtel’s customer Service Director Speaks on Development

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Customer Service Director of Gamtel has reiterated the importance of telecommunications as driving force for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) in the second Republic.

Alimamy Kassama, Director of Customer Services with Gamtel, in a recent interview with The Point said no modern economy can thrive without an integral information technology and telecommunications infrastructure in place.

He said, “Access to telecommunications makes it possible for developing countries like The Gambia to participate in the world economy far easier than in the past. The gap that used to exist has reduced significantly through the support of the Government”

He further said that surgeons in one part of the country consult with specialists while performing operations monitored by other surgeons in any part of the world. He added that this reduces costs.

Telecommunications has spurred distance learning and it brings buyers and sellers and facilitates the flow of information making it key to trade.

Mr. Kassama further said it has assisted farmers in their business. “Telecommunications can also deliver better access to information on improved seeds, the availability of fertilizer, outbreaks of pests and services related to agriculture,” he said.

Speaking on the issues of politics and governance, Mr. Kassama said telecommunications play an important role by enhancing the Government’s ability to provide security for its citizens, protect the borders and efficiently handle civil emergencies and disasters.

“You will agree with me that crime rates have reduced with the launch of Gamcel and the introduction of the hire purchase scheme in 2002/2003,” he stated.

Mr. Kassama urged Gambians to raise awareness of ICT and its usefulness in national development for the betterment of all citizens.

Author: By Augustine Kanjia
Source: The Point