Elysian Airline Hits The Gambia

Friday, March 7, 2008

Elysian Airline belonging to the Sierra Leoneans and two other partners have added The Gambia to their list of destinations. They launched this new route at the Banjul International Airport recently.

In his speech, Dr. Abayomi Ojetunde, the Operations Director of the Elysian Airline and the representative of their British partners thanked the Gambian Government and all who made it possible for their planes to fly in and out of The Gambia. Dr. Abayomi Ojetunde says, “It is very rare for an African country’s Civil Aviation Authority to have a business dealing through the internet and telephone. I commend The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for their professionalism in doing exactly that”.

Dr. Ojetunde further said that there were Sierra Leoneans, Britons and South Africans who partnered to have the Elysian Airline. “We are starting with 30 seat passenger flights and as business develops there will be change” he stated.

He was grateful to the delegation from President Koromo, who he thanked for encouraging private sector investment and initiative to improve communication between states, saying that it will encourage trade and commerce between West Africans. It will also encourage tourism, in which The Gambia is presently ahead of Sierra Leone but the present government of Sierra Leone is trying to improve that.

Dr. Abayomi Ojetunde presented the aircraft to “my brothers”. He said the aircraft was theirs and would resume services in two day’s time. He said they were already going to Guinea Conakry, would soon go to Liberia and would eventually join Elysian Airlines of Cameroon.

H.E. Yum Kella, Sierra Leonean High Commissioner to The Gambia welcomed the aircraft. Mrs. Kargbo Koko with many dignitaries including Fansu Bojang, Director General of the GCAA and Abu Bangura, their partner from Freetown were present. Mr. Fansu Bojang welcomed the Elysian Airline and wished them well.

Author: By Augustine Kanjia
Source: The Point