Well done Daily Observer!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am highly impressed with the quality and content of The Daily Observer that I do read daily on the web from My Dallas Texas location. I am indeed impressed with the articles especially on Agriculture and youth developement.

Yes! The Gambia has the potentials of becoming the bread basket of the Subregion....Diversification, communual farming and food education with an emphasis on exposing our folks to larger variety of foods is a laudable way to go.(Cassava, potatoe and corn can be an alternative to rice) President Jammeh has the vision and wisdom and is living by example by engaging in Agriculture the rest of the nation mus follow suit.

The government must encourage all investors in other ventures to engage in Agriculture to receive some government incentives like tax breaks or development certificates. The Gambia is a blessed country and we must embraced it. Without divulging details of my business plans I have decided to commence some agricultural activity in the Gambia to be surpervised by family members while I embark into a transistion process. God bless The Gambia.

Sulayman Samba Jobe


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Source: Daily Observer, impressed, youth, Agriculture, farming, developement, government
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