Youth of the moment

Friday, May 16, 2008
Name: Lamin Y Ceesay

Date of birth: 12 October, 1986

Organization : Demo Youth Association (DYA)

Position : Vice president

Educational background : Kudang primary School, Bansang Junior Secondary School, St.Stephens Institute of Technology, Gambia Telecomunication and Multimedia Institute (GTMI)

Qualification : Certificate in Commercial Studies, Computer Softwares, English proficieny, English in speakers of other languages (City and Guilds, London), and awaiting Cisco certificate.

Gambian personality : ..................

Ambition : Youth and business activities

Hobbies: Football, reading and watching movies

Advice to youth: Always to work towards one’s successes,because God helps those who help themselves. You donot sit and fold your hands. There is always a hope as long as one is alive.

Dislikes: Discouragemnet and selfishness

Reasons behind success: Happiness and dedication

Author: by Kemo Cham