14th Anniversary of July 22

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 22 1994, undoubted is synonymous with The Gambia’s unprecedented development touching on all aspects of the country.  This very day served as the gateway to the development and establishment numerous projects such as the Arch 22, Banjul International Airport, the GRTS, among others.

It was on July 22 1994, that the few gallant and patriotic soldiers in the name of the current head of state and president of the Second Republic President Yahya Jammeh, Sanna Sabally, Edward Sighateh, Sadibou Hydara and other offered their dear lives for the development of our dear motherland, The Gambia.

Their sacrifice for the love of The Gambia has yielded dividend and for that matter they deserved commendation considering The Gambia today and yesterday.

This year’s celebration is unique, indeed unique in a sense because it showcases the official opening of a unique transport system and other important projects, all accompanied by the powerful and inspiring statement delivered by the Gambian leader.

His speeches centre on the need for Gambians to inculcate a sense of independence and self reliance in themselves and their children; the need for Gambians to have a sense of high resolve and respect for each other at all time; the need for Gambians to be hardworking and development oriented.  To cut the story short, I wish all Gambians and the head of state a happy 14th anniversary of July 22nd and may Allah allow us to celebrate more fruitful celebrations of the day in good health and happiness.

Sulayman Ceesay


Author: DO