Lovelines: I am pregnant Can I tell my mum?

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am a young girll in a 6-month-old relation. I just discovered recently that I am pregnant. My boyfriend is extremely happy about this when I told him. Should I tell my mum that I am pregnant because I really want to keep the baby as this is the only way they will allow us to get marry to each other.


It is compulsory you tell your mother about your pregnancy. But remember it is not a pride of any parent to see their daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock. So far this has happened, you have to tell your mum who will accept the fate and talk to your father about it if alive. Besides, having pregnancy out of wedlock is not a measure or a genuine reason that will make a marriage come true. It is not the best, as it is sometime results into ‘had I know.’ Once again inform your mother about this. Good luck!

Author: by Yunus S. Saliu