More goodwill messages for Jammeh

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
As the swirly dust surrounding the week-long July 22 activities settles, more congratulatory messages on the 14th anniversary of the July 22 Revolution has continued to reach President Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh at State House, Banjul.

Gambian Consulate in Berlin

Andreas-Jorg Bartel and Dieter Weber of the Gambian consulate in Berlin, Germany, have congratulated President Jammeh, who led the revolution on 22nd July 1994, on this year’s anniversary.

They acknowledged numerous achievements under Dr Jammeh’s leadership.

“Not only the visible success in infrastructure like telecommunication, highways and air transportation, but more [so] your efforts in health, education and democracy,” they stated.Both of them expressed their resolve to join the president in his efforts to further develope The Gambia and extended their best wishes to him and his family.

Gambia Police Force

Ensa Badjie, the Inspector General of Police, has also congratulated the president on behalf of the entire members of the Gambia Police Force.
“It has been a wonderful, gracious and magnificent period for the security services especially the Gambia police force. We thank Your Excellency for the support, contribution, encouragement and motivation you have been giving and continue to give us that have greatly facilitated our entire operations,” he stated.

He then added: “Your Excellency, may I seize this opportunity to pray for your good health, long life and strength to enable you to sail this beloved nation to your most desired destination. This, I am sure will benefit the entire Gambian and even non-Gambian people. I pray for your family’s good health and long life so that they can continue to support your endeavours to make this country the Silicon Valley of Africa.”

“May God the Almighty shower his blessings unto you, your family and government so that we will continue to enjoy the fruits of your vision, hard-work and development for this beloved nation. Long live your Excellency, long live The Gambia, and long live the Gambian people,” the IGP concluded, and then extended the assurances of his highest considerations.


In a similar message, the Aid Agency for Gambian People (AAPG) at Churchill’s Town, also congratulated President Jammeh on the 14h anniversary of the July 22nd celebrations.“May Allah the Almighty grant you long life, peace and prosperity in all your endeavours. May Allah the Almighty guide and protect you and your family and the entire Gambian people,” stated Mrs Mariama Janneh, the president of the association.

Association d’aide de Peuple

Malaim Biyai, the president of the Association d’aide de Peuple, has also joined others to congratulate Dr Jammeh on behalf of his organisation.
“All Gambians know the essence of this day which was the day your Excellency salvaged The Gambia from the difficult times of the former regime. We are all so grateful and thus join the APRC and Your Excellency in celebrating this great day,” Malaim Biyai stated.

“As your Excellency is always grateful to Allah, we are in turn asking Allah to bless and provide you with all the strength and will in your capacity as our president. Please accept Your Excellency the assurances of our highest consideration,” the association’s president concluded.

Mrs Gimbi Cham

Mrs Gimbi Cham of Banjul also joined others in felicitating President Jammeh on the occasion. Mrs Cham lauded Dr Jammeh’s numerous undertakings, including the HIV/AIDS breakthrough and its impact on the lives of patients and health sector.

“I have to tell you how much I admire you. Your work for Gambian unity, your achievements, your altruism and your concern for all are but uncommon. I am very proud that you continue to show how a leader brings his people together and solves problems they are facing to advance a nation. You are a real light to many of us if not all Gambians,” Mrs Cham stated.

She then added: “Your Excellency, you are a remarkable president who, after having assumed the mantle of power, stood for social justice and fairness throughout a hard and difficult time. The Gambia knows it has a great leader who is revered [by] people of all dimensions and origins. You are an inspiration, a man of extraordinary generosity, dignity and courage. You have typified this in your tenure to date and you never wavered; never flinched in the struggle for what you believe and thought was good and right for the country. In doing this, you never lost faith in your spirit and its ultimate capacity to do good.”

“I have never had time with you, but to anyone fortunate enough to meet you, as I see with those [who] do so in the nightly news on GRTS which I always follow closely; you radiate such warmth and kindness that such meetings and sessions become unforgettable.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers with profound respect and great admiration because of the nature of person you are. There is and shall be such an outpouring of good feelings for you always because of what people can see and sense in you - Mr President. You are a man of true and profound heroism, a shining example of what a teacher and a courageous leader should be,” she acknowledged.

“In history, you will and shall be a hero for ages because you stood for us at a time when the future of The Gambia was deeply bleak,” she observed.

Author: DO