Repay Generosity With Maximum Efficiency

Thursday, August 14, 2008
The Taiwanese have once again contributed significantly to the future of The Gambia and in particular its health sector.

The government of Taiwan on Wednesday donated $300,000 to the Department of State for Health and Social Welfare.

The money is the second payment of Taiwan’s annual grant of $600,000 to The Gambia’s health sector.

This is a very large amount of money and we must ensure that it is put to the best use possible so that it benefits the greatest number of citizens possible. In many countries the health service is seen as a black hole where endless amounts of money are poured in with seemingly few results. I’m sure many of the people working in the health sector here feel that at times this is the case in The Gambia also. A functioning health service run by the government is an idealistic and worthy thing but it is also a monumental task to realise. For this reason expenditure within the health service must be very closely monitored and planned to ensure that the very best use is made of every Butut.

What may be best for our health service now is an investment in small projects rather than large undertakings. There is no doubt that our health infrastructure is in need of significant investment and upgrade but prime attention should be focused on frontline services. We must ensure that those reporting at our hospitals and health centres receive optimal care as quickly as possible and gain access to the required drugs on a timely basis. Even a huge amount of money, like that donated to us by our Taiwanese friends, can seem small in comparison to our needs. Such funds can dissipate quickly in the face of great need but it is a very generous donation, so we must make do in the best possible way.

“God loveth a cheerful Giver.”

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