Youth Matter- The Breakthrough and Vision Advocates

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Breakthrough and vision advocates (TBATVA) is a contemporary organisation inspired by a unique line of thought. Intent on targeting the mindset of people at the grassroots, their membership draws strong inspiration from the leadership of the Gambia, with a strong focus on the treatment work of the Gambian leader, president Dr. Alhagie Yahya AJJ Jammeh.

With a membership base of ten (10), well experienced individuals - five males and five females - their experience spans from between one and five years. All of them have been key members of the NOVA-SCOTIA Gambia association, whose area of intervention has been HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmittable diseases; malaria; drug abuse; tuberculosis; diabetes; reproductive health; communication skill and strategy and unhealthy relationships. They are mostly involved in sensitisation programs about these issues.

Equipped with skills from a host of training opportunities from various sources; including some visiting Canadian doctors; MRC; etc, these men and women have played key roles in the numerous successes of the NOVA-SCOTIA Gambia association, which has decided to put off the youth volunteerism and community outreach part of its activities, these members opted to re-group and form their own association.

Health being a key concern in their area of intervention, the members of TBATVA see a line of interest in the treatment being offered by the Gambian leader. They therefore decided to adopt the name:
“Breakthrough, meaning the medical breakthrough of the president, and vision advocates, in reference to their enthusiasm about the goals enshrined in the famous vision 2020 blueprint. They intend to help sensitise the public on everybody’s role in making this national dream a success, hence the vision advocates.

They are fond of employing vehicles like skits and drama to send their message to their audience. Just recently, they made a thrilling performance during the discharge ceremony of the 3rd, 4th and 5th batches of the president’s patients, held in Kanilai.

The specific aims of TBATVA include:
* To make Gambia HIV/AIDS-free come the year 2020
* To wipe out discrimination against the ‘Breakthrough’
* To make the importance of traditional herbs known to everyone
* To sensitise the people against illegal migration, thereby highlighting the dangers involved in taking illegal route to Europe
* Introduction of His Excellency Dr. Alhagie Yahya AJJ Jammeh’s treatment to various schools in the Gambia.
•To propagate the pioneering idea of going back to the land.

Author: by Kemo Cham