Gambia Handball Secy Calls for Concerted Efforts towards Sports Development in The Gambia

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Secretary General of The Gambia Handball Association, Nuha Darboe, has spoken on the need to come together to promote sports in The Gambia.

He pointed out that for sports to be fully developed in the country, everyone should be involved so that their will be nothing like duplication of efforts and resources.

“We need to come forward to promote our sports especially handball as football is not only sport in the country,” he asserted.

Darboe said, stakeholders are also very important components in the development of any sport in the country and should help fund activities geared towards attaining sports development in the country.

“I am calling on all stakeholders to assist The Gambia Handball Association which is very much constrained in terms of financing its programmes of activities,” he appealed.

Author: By Bajen Camara