It’s Un-Islamic to Close Mosque - Seedia Ceesay

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Assistant Director of Tallinding Islamic Institute under The Gambia Islamic Union also fourth Imam of the State House Mosque, Alhagie Shiekh Seedia Ceesay, has said that any authority or authorities in the Upper River Region behind the closure of a Sunni mosque in the Numuyel village are anti Islamic.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter recently at his Sanchaba Sulay Jobe residence, Sheikh Seedia made the assertion that all those responsible for the closure of the said mosque will pay the price of their action in the grave and on the day of judgement. The Islamic scholar said that there is no justification for any authority or authorities in URR to pass orders for the closure of the said mosque, adding that Allah’s important house should not be closed or demolished by any human being. All those behind the closure will never open their eyes in the heaven and he asserted that out of 100% of Muslim countries in Africa, 90% are Sunnis. He described Sunnis as Muslims who preach the true teaching of Islam. According to the scholar, a mosque is the house built by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he first arrived in Medina and the second house he built was his compound.

He noted that during the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH),   they valued mosques over everything else, and said that anybody who built a mosque for the sake of Islam, Almighty Allah will reward him with a mighty story-building in  heaven. Meanwhile at the time of writing this story the mosque in Numuyel is still said to remain closed.

Author: By Lamin B Darboe