Accept parental advice

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parents are simply our fathers and mothers, the people through whom God has brought us to the world.  Brothers and Sisters,  the way to accept parental advice is by giving them due respect, that is obeying them.
Children should always be ready to obey their parents’ instructions.  It is the parents that are responsible for nurturing and caring for them. Therefore, a child should be ready to do whatever the parent asks him or her to do.
Sometimes our parents may lay down very strict rules for us like asking us not to go out at night, not to smoke, not to have love outside marriage.

As a young child or an adolescent, such rules may look difficult to follow and might even offend you. Some of us may even think that such rules are meant to prevent us from enjoying ourselves.

Any rule our parents lay down for us are intended for our future good.  They are an expression of their love for us.  There is the case of a boy called Sankung who was told by his parents not to attend parties at night because he was in school.

 But one night, Sankung ran away from the house while his parents were asleep to gate-crash nearby birthday party. Unfortunately, a fight broke out at the party and Sankung was hit with a bottle on the head.  He spent a week in hospital while his friends were at school. 

Therefore, to obey our parents is for our own good.  In fact, do you know that a person who respects his or her parents has fulfiled one of God’s requirements? Imagine someone who sacrificed a lot of his time to see that you are healthy, well fed and protected.  Will the same person give you bad advice?
Definitely not!

Author: by Saidou Jallow, Kuntaur Upper Basic School