Femi Peters Replies Waa Juwara

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In a rather unprecedented move, the Campaign Manager of the opposition United Democratic Party, Mr. Femi Peters has reacted to the comments made by Lamin Waa Juwara that if all goes well, President Jammeh will win the 2011 Presidential elections with a landslide victory, saying it would be the mother of all elections as they are not going to take it lightly.

“It will be the mother of all elections as we are not going to take it lying down,” Femi told this paper in an interview yesterday.

Waa told this paper in a recent interview that “It is my candid opinion and observation that all being one, President Jammeh will win the next Presidential elections landslide because as of now, there is no credible opposition challenge. We must admit our total failure”.

According to the UDP Campaign Manager, if anybody believes that President Jammeh is going to win the next election with a landslide victory, he/she must be living in a dream-land.  As he stated, “we in the opposition particularly in the UDP are not going to let President Jammeh go away with it like he did over the past 15 years”.

Peters stated that the oppositions in The Gambia are ready to the fullest but was quick to add that they would as well leave others to dream.

On the possibility of forming another opposition alliance ahead of 2011, Femi noted “let’s hope that will be and let’s hope that we all will be committed”.

Currently, The Gambia has about nine political parties, most of which are marginalised with little more than platforms for their leaders. The principal political parties, however, constitute a true multiparty and democratic political culture.

Author: Baboucarr Senghore
Source: Picture: Femi Peters