FJC receives IM Garba Jahumpa trophy

Monday, January 5, 2009
Father Gough Foundation - a charitable organisation that engages in the development of youth education and sports - last Thursday handed over the first ever trophy dedicated to the late Alhagie IM Ibrahima Garba Jahumpa.

The trophy was received by Mrs Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay, speaker of the National Assembly and daughter of the late IM Garba Jahumpa,  at a ceremony held at her office at the Assembly Chambers in Banjul.

Handing over the trophy, Father Gough, a renowned educationist and sportsman who is also the founder of the foundation, thanked Speaker Jahumpa-Ceesay and the entire Jahumpa family. He highlighted the relationship he had established with her father, the late IM Garba Jahumpa, whom he described as a gentleman who has done a lot for The Gambia.

Receiving the trophy on behalf of the Jahumpa family, Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay thanked Father Gough for the move. She described Father Gough as a great friend of The Gambia citing the national award conferred on him by President Jammeh as a testimony.

Speaker Jahumpa-Ceesay said the coveted trophy will be competed for by schools including Garba Jahumpa Upper Basic School, which was named after her late father by President Jammeh.  While thanking the President for naming the school after Garba Jahumpa, the National Assembly boss also hailed Banjul City Council for running the school.

For his part, Alhagie Sillah, NAM for Banjul North and chairman of the National Assembly Sports Committee also saluted Father Gough, describing him as a great friend of The Gambia. He recalled the ever encouraging words they in the sports sector have always received from Father Gough.

Bai Malleh Wade, coordinator of the Father Gough Foundation said “to have a trophy named after IM Jahumpa after such a great strive for The Gambia”  is a laudable initiative.

Author: by Alhagie Jobe