Gambia Rank 8th Position In Fighting Hunger

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A survey carried out by Action aid international in 29 countries all over the world has revealed that The Gambia is rated at eighth position in the fight against hunger.

The country, the report added, is at the same ranking with Senegal and Nigeria.

The report entitled, “Who’s Seriously Fighting Hunger,” looks at why millions of people go hungry.

According to the report, the country’s dependence on imports of staple food-rice meant that it was last year hard-hit by the food price hikes.

“The Gambia’s agricultural productivity has grown significantly in recent years surpassing the Maputo target to increase productivity by 6 percent,” the report highlights. The report also highlights the Gambian leader’s back-to-the-land clarion call.

“If the agricultural development in the country is targeted towards reaching natural food security it could have a powerful impact on The Gambia’s hunger figures, which has remained static for the last ten years”, says the report. 

The Gambia it continued, has scored relatively well in investing in agriculture, but its government is capable of ensuring its rating moves above 8th place on the hunger-free scorecard.

“The Gambia’s legislation on land contributes to the country’s low score,” says Action aid commissioned report. The country it stated needs to address women’s land rights issues, if it’s to reach its stated aim of boosting rice production.

The hunger campaign report further alluded that women are the traditional rice growers in The Gambia.

There is little incentive for women to invest more in land, it stated, noting that women tends to have little support for inputs, such as credits, water, seeds and tools as compared to men, the report concludes.

Author: Nfamara Jawneh