Long Live The Gambia!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yesterday we came together to celebrate our independence. We rejoiced at the anniversary of our release from the rule of the colonial power who had for so many years exploited our people and drawn borders where borders never existed before. We as a nation can often look at the colonial period of our history as a purely negative thing but in reality we must now focus on one positive and that is the creation of The Gambia. The borders which contain this proud nation today were created in that time so in fact we must thank the British for in fact creating this wonderful nation where we reside today. The Gambia is made up of people who have as great pride in their nation. We are all Gambians. We are not divided along tribal lines but actually unified under the banner of being Gambians. This is a truly proud achievement. We look forward to marking this day again next year when again we can look back and praise the heroes of the past and rejoice at the thought of the wonderful heroes who are to come in the generations that will follow us. In our unity we are strong and an example to other nations that tribal differences must become a thing of the past. We look forward to the day when The Gambia will play its role in a Untied States of Africa along with all the other nations which, although young, are powering forward in terms of development.

We pray that only good things lie ahead for us here in The Gambia. Long Live peace, long live friendship and long live The Gambia!

“The first of earthly blessings, independence.”

Edward Gibbon