Over D154,000 collected from seat belt defaulters -SoS Sonko

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Ousman Sonko, Secretary of State for Interior has revealed that The Gambia Police Force, from the month of January to February collected one hundred and fifty-four thousand, seven hundred and fifty dalasis from defaulters of the seat belt law.

According to him, this sum was paid to the Central Bank of The Gambia consolidated fund account. He said these mandatory fines are paid through Gambia Transport Regulatory (GTR) under miscellaneous code. SoS Sonko made these remarks on Monday whilst responding to questions put to him by the deputies at the National Assembly.

The Interior secretary of state also revealed that for one to acquire arms, there are certain requirements that need to be met. According to SoS Sonko, one needs to complete an application form which provides sections that need to be filled by an Alkalo, District Chief and the Governor of the region in which the applicant is resident.

The application will then be submitted to the Licensing Unit, Office of the Commissioner of Police and finally to the inspector General of Police for vetting. He said upon approval, a clearance is issued for a license. According to him, these procedure is strictly followed and in consultation with WANEP.

SOS Sonko maintained that any person found in possession of firearms without a valid license, commits an offence and therefore is liable for prosecution. “The Security Forces are very vigilant in their efforts to clamp down on whoever may try to smuggle firearms into the country,” SoS Sonko  said. He went further to say that there are also constant border patrols and that Police Intervention Inits are located in almost all the strategic positions.

The Interior SoS informed deputies that the PIU, on two occasions, were able to intercept people attempting to smuggle firearms into the country. The culprits, he added, are currently going to court.

Author: by Musa Ndow