Rest in peace, Ba-Foday Jaiteh

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is hard to lose a real friend. Foday Jaiteh was a Great Friend. It went to a point that he was like a blood brother to me. He was a very friendly and generous brother as well. He was a Gentleman of Honour and Respect, very dedicated to Islam as well.

I was shocked to hear about his demise in the Libyan boat disaster, as he went in search of a better life in Europe. Actually I was just speechless on hearing the news.  All I had to do was pray for him and the rest of the brothers involved in that accident. I will like to extend My Condolences to the family and all the friends both in The Gambia and in the US.

I realise that it is hard to take it when anyone of us loses a loved one, but all that  the departed souls need are our prayers at this very moment.

Insallah, may God grant him heaven.
Inna lilahi wA ina elahi raj unn. Wasalam.

PS: Thank you editor and the Observer Company for your time and space.
Author: PA TAAL, USA