The dalasi update

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Dalasi trades this week as follows, with some banks maintaining last week’s buying and selling prices with others losing some minor grounds and the rest making up for some lost grounds as per last week’s trading figures.

I must state here that all gains and losses this week are very minor and will not change anything on the general market outlook but will do you some good if you are with a load of foreign notes to sell or you are scouting for some very good rate to buy these foreign currencies.

We are your best guide to that and this table may be of great help to you. Good Luck!

TBL, BANK PHB are once again sticking to their last trading figures. This is the second week running that they are trading without any ups or downs in their figures. However, this week they are joined on that stage by FIB which is commendable.

SCB and AGIB are the only banks this week that have recovered a great deal of grounds in their trading figures as of last week and made tremendous gains at trading this week. The high figures they traded on last week have dramatically been slashed and their trading figures this week are impressive.

ACCESS, GTB and BSIC are all losing some minor grounds in almost all currencies at trading this week as against last week’s trading figures.

Mixed picture

ICBG and ECOBANK show a mixed picture, meaning their trading figures are loaded with some gains and losses here and there as per last week’s trading figures. Market Beat has the privilege to bring to you the Indicative Rates currency table as we buy and sell in our major banks as dictated by the Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG) as at the 7th of November 2008.

Author: by Momodou Camara