Mass Lowe back in town

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mass Lowe, a Gambian mbalax superstar, last Wednesday returned home after attending a great Grand Prix Ball event organised every year in the United Kingdom (UK).

Speaking to What’s On, Mr. Lowe said, his participation in the event is aimed to build extra-relationships between the two countries and also to foster collaboration with the organizers in order to emulate the cultural event in The Gambia. He underscored the motive behind the action, noting that the event is meant to help people suffering from cancer and poor young children who are in need.

“I was very happy and pleased after attending such a great event, because it will help in promoting music and artists in The Gambia,” he said. He added that he will also do whatever he can in order to see such a great programme held in The Gambia so as to help to secure funds to cure some diseases affecting people in The Gambia, like malaria, diabetes and the like.

Mr. Lowe thanked Byron Byrd, his Manager in the United Kingdom and the IBM management team, who made things possible for him to attend such an event.

“This is my first time of attending such a great event in the history of my music career,” he noted.

Author: Written by Dagain Nyan
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper