Karate Federation to hold fresh congress tomorrow

Friday, July 18, 2008
The Gambia Karate Federation will hold a fresh congress on Saturday, July 19, at the Independence Stadium, Bakau. The move to have a fresh elections was reached after the National Sports Council - umbrella body for all  sporting associations -  declared the first congress “null and void”.

Mr Omar Manjang was recently elected as the new president of the federation. However, after meeting with various karate clubs, the National Sports Council called for fresh elections in a bid to solve the division that exists in the federation.

The development officer at the National Sports Council, Abdul Azziz Titao Mendy, said all member clubs should send in three delegates for Saturday’s congress.

He said a notification letter for the elections has been sent to all member clubs for them to come and exercise their constitutional rights in the weekend, noting that the move is only meant to resolve the ongoing problems hindering the development of Karate in the country.

Author: by Nanama Keita