Gambia’s first film festival starts on Friday

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Nana Ofori Atta is among the few ladies in the country who are really determined and do not easily give up in life.

Shortly after completing her studies at the King Alfred’s college in Manchester she set up the Vinasha consultancy firm, specialised in public relations and advertisement production. This firm was short-lived due to what she described as unnecessary sabotage.

Nana gave up consultancy and took up a job with MRC as a social scientist and later with Trust Bank. In 2001, she resigned and travelled to the UK. Whilst in the Uk, she got married to Segun Oguntolo, a British of Nigerian origin who was attending the same college with her.

The Gambian film producer convinced her hubby to come to The Gambia and help establish the country’s first film company. Segun, being a loving and caring husband decided to provided part of the funds for the creation of Vinasha productions.

It took Nana only few months to kick start her new company. Her premier movie was Tarre Mou Tee and this was the first private drama series on GRTS. Currently Vinasha has produced lot of internationally-recognised movies and was offered an award earlier this year for their contribution in film development in Africa by the African movie academy in Nigeria.

Starting December 1st, 2006 Nana and her dynamic team are organising the country’s first film festival. This festival which is expected to end on New year’s eve is geared towards raising the profile of Gambian movies. According to Vinasha boss, this is the first time for Gambians to appreciate, value and patronise their own movies so that the industry can grow.

The Hon Secretary of State for Communication, Information and Technology, Neneh Macdoll Gaye will do the official launching, and on the same day as part of commemoration marking World Aids Day, two DVD HIV/Aids movies will be presented to the National Aids Secretariat.

On the 2nd December, students from different Junior Schools in the Greater Banjul Area will be invited at the Alliance Franco, to view some of Vinasha’s movies.

As part of the festival, Vinasha movies will also be featured on GRTS, starting December 4th besides. There will be newspaper adverts and interviews on the television and radios.

According to Nana, during the festival period there will be a fifty percent discount on all their products in the market. For a movie like Arrou or Amm Sahout, Nyaka Sahout you can get it for only D125. For more updates on the festival continue to read What’s on page.
Author: Written by Alieu Khan
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper