Diarra Williya holds Islamic

Friday, October 5, 2007

Diarra Williya, an Islamic propagation organisation in Banjul, on Sunday held its second annual conference at the Corinthia Atlantic Hotel.

The programme, organised under the auspices of the Muslim brotherhood called Mourits, attracted over 500 participants. The theme of the conference was Ramadan.

Addressing the congregation, Serign Salieu Sowe, a Senegalese Islamic scholar and guest speaker at the conference, called on all Muslims to submit themselves to Almighty Allah and follow the teachings (Sunnah) of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), to whom the last Holy Book (Qur’an) was revealed.

The revered Islamic scholar described the theme of the conference as significant, saying that it represents the third of the five pillars of Islam, which carries a handsome reward from the Almighty Allah.

“Therefore, it is obligatory on every abled Muslim to fast in the month of Ramadan and avoid things that could degenerate our faith,” he preached.

He then urged Muslims to unite and be each others’ keepers, reminding them that it was this spirit that won victory  at the  under-equipped Muslim army in the Badr, which fell in the month of Ramadan.

He then prayed for peace in Palestine, Iraq and all other Muslims countries.  He also prayed for continuous peace in The Gambia and the neighbouring, Senegal.

Alhaji Masohna Kah, Presenter of Islam Ak Jamano (an Islamic programme on the GRTS), urged Muslims not to relent in organising such conferences, pointing out that it will enable thousands of people to remember the Sustainer of the universe, thereby showering blessings on the Ummah.

He finally thanked Diarra Williya for their devotion to the cause of the world’s fastest growing religion and then commended the invitees for their attendance.

The ceremony was also attended by the representative of the Senegalese High Commissioner in Banjul.

Mbye Haddy Jobe, a member of Diarra Williya, chaired the ceremony, which was presided over by Imam Cherno Kah of Banjul.

Author: by Salifu M Touray
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper