Mbye Gueye Faye to Descend on Banjul

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Revellers will have a good feel of the Tobaski, the Christmas and the New Year euphoria when they come face to face with Mbye Gueye Faye as he rocks major entertainment spots in town later this month.

Organized by Yaram Arts in conjunction with the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Goudi Hawaareh, as the planned entertainment has been affectionately dubbed, is to be staged on 28 and 29 December respectively.

A legion of Mbye Gueye fans are expected to join the musical extravaganza as Jokor Westfield (December 28) and Jama Hall at Kairaba Beach Hotel (December 29) will be virtually bursting at their seams.

According to news reaching Entertainment, a number of bouncy local artistes and renowned dramatist Mbye Dosseh are also lined up to join forces with the Senegalese Mbalax star.

Now, can you imagine Mbye Gueye Faye join forces with local Mbalax revelations on one stage? The result, no doubt, could be anybody’s guess and this is exactly what is set to happen as these musicians treat revelers to exciting tunes from their repertoire.

Party people will see how stage craft, spectacular voice output, dancing skills and lyrical power will intertwine in a manner that will bring the power of music to bear on them.

Author: By M. Justice Darboe
Source: The Point