DoSTC signifies up-country tourism

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Angela Colley, Secretary of State for Tourism and Culture, has told the National Assembly that her Department of State places a lot of emphasis on up- country tourism in order to give tourists the full picture of The Gambia. This will enable tourists to the country to experience and sample the true and real hospitality of the entire country.

This she said will also provide them the opportunity to learn and know more about The Gambia.

SoS Colley made this remark last Tuesday at the third meeting of the National Assembly in the third 2007 legislative session in response to a question posed by the Member for Kiang East, on what her  Department is doing to develop and promote up-country tourism since good facilities exists in those areas.

According to her, they are of strong believe that the benefit of tourism trade must not only be restricted to the urban areas, but must also spread to the rural areas. This she said will help in providing jobs and improve the livelihood of the rural population.

 “To promote the development of quality tourist facilities up-country, the Department of State for Tourism and Culture in its tourism development master plan will create additional tourism development areas in different parts of the country.

The Department of State and The Gambia Tourism Authority will also encourage investment in eco-lodges and other forms of tourist accommodation along the banks of the River Gambia,” she concluded.

Author: Written by Sheriff Janko
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper
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